Verizon CEO: Internet TV talks with providers are taking place

We've seen a steady stream of official details and anonymous tips about Dish Network and DirecTV's Internet TV ambitions since the original rumor surfaced on Monday. Yesterday, Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam's tossed the carrier in the mix, stating that it is also in talks with content providers in regards to an Internet-based TV service.Reports Reuters, McAdam made the statement recently during a conference for investors. He did not specify which companies Verizon is in talks with, saying only that the company wants to "work with the content providers". He also spoke on the plan itself, saying, "I think you can actually get a virtuous cycle where broadcast viewing goes up and over-the-top viewing goes up, if you time this properly."

Details weren't terribly forthcoming, in terms of what content providers might be interested and an estimated timeline for when deals might take place. McAdams said, "I have personally had discussions with the CEOs of the large content companies, and we would love to partner with them to see how we can take FiOS contact mobilely across the country."

Such ambitions aren't new, of course, with Verizon, for example, having test Internet TV with its subscribers way back in 2009. The recent hoopla about the topic was kicked off again when Dish Network announced this week a new agreement with Disney, which included in part rights to ABC stations for streaming on an Internet TV service.