Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 shows up in 3D

Despite the fact that Verizon's CEO has admitted to flaunting a BlackBerry Storm2 and Walt Mossberg has reviewed the CDMA handset, RIM have made no official statement about the second-gen touchscreen smartphone heading to the US carrier.  It seems the website team responsible for Verizon's pages haven't been so cautious, however; a 3D handset viewer is just one of the pre-announcement Storm2 tidbits available to play with already.

Not much to learn, admittedly, but if you want to see the Storm2 with Verizon's logo plastered across its touchscreen and battery cover, it's the best, official way to do so.  The Storm2 will arrive in the UK on October 26th, bearing 3G, WiFi and a new touchscreen system which hopefully rightens the many criticisms its predecessor faced.

[via IntoMobile]