VanMoof PowerBank adds up to 62 miles of e-bike range to S3 and X3

E-bike maker VanMoof is making battery charging and adding range more straightforward, with a new PowerBank accessory capable of adding up to 62 miles of extra cycling power. Designed to be more readily removed and installed, the triangular battery pack clips into place within the frame.

VanMoof's regular batteries slot into the upper portion of the frame, and on models like the S3 deliver between 37 and 93 miles of range depending on how much assistance the rider is calling upon. According to the e-bike company, one thing owners frequently asked for was not only greater range, but a way to more easily add it.

The result is not a larger battery but a second one. The 6.17 pound block clips into place in a special bracket within the frame, where it can top up the VanMoof X3 or S3's internal battery. When it's done, it can be taken indoors – whether into the home or the office – and then recharged there.

A 0-100 percent recharge takes 3 hours, VanMoof says, while a 0-70 percent charge takes two hours. It should add between 28-62 miles of range to the e-bikes, depending on what level of assistance riders are using. It'll top up the e-bikes' batteries whether they're stationary or if you're riding them.

"It also brings the VanMoof S3 & X3's range capacity closer to that of an average electric car," the company points out, "making the e-bike company's case for car replacement even more compelling."

One thing it won't do, though, is directly power the e-bikes' electric motor. If the main battery is empty, for example, the motor will only kick in when the PowerBank has recharged the main battery to around 5-percent, VanMoof suggests.

It comes amid a general refresh of the S3 and X3, following the integration of the e-bikes into Apple's Find My Network. That includes better visibility of the Matrix Display built into the frames, and new internal wiring, while the fender flaps and pedals have also been redesigned. The bike boxes use 70-percent less plastic than they did before, too, VanMoof says.

The VanMoof PowerBank is available to preorder now, priced at $348. It'll ship in June 2021. If you order it with a refreshed X3 or S3 e-bike, meanwhile, there's no extra shipping cost. The S3 and X3 are priced from $1,998 each.