User creates functional text editor in Minecraft

We've seen some pretty interesting (read: brilliant) creations in Minecraft, including the functional 1KB hard drive and functional iPhone including apps. Continuing with the created-in-Minecraft theme is yet another bit of functional blocky artistry, a text editor with a 5 x 10 character display and the ability to open saved files and display whatever you might feel like typing into it. The creation was made by user Koala_Steamed using redstone. Amazing? Right. Even better, we've a video of it in action after the jump.

The video gets right to the demonstration part, where the red display shows fairly easy to read characters being written out in typical text editor fashion. The writing itself is only a small part of what the self-dubbed word processor can do, however.

You've got the big blocky "keyboard" controller, and joining it is a "New File" function for clearing the display and making a new file. One can type symbols, numbers, and upper/lower case letters, and according to the maker, "There are 7.357x10^92 different combinations the screen can show."

Amidst the demonstration is a look at the single "wire" that carries the data and various commands from the control center to the display. The powerhouse betwixt it all includes 400 bits ROM x4/1600 bits of memory. Check out the video above to see it in action!

VIA: Kotaku