Minecraft used to create functional blocky iPhone

There's no shortage of amazing Minecraft creations, some of which are more "common" like replicas of famous destinations and fictional cities, and others that are pretty mind-blowing, like the 1KB HDD. Joining that latter category is the work of YouTube user SHUFFLE, who has created a "functional" iPhone in Minecraft. Obviously the pixelated creation won't be making calls or firing off messages, but within the blocky realm of its digital world, the smartphone is incredibly functional, including a working passcode, home screens that can be toggled through, and more.

The man behind the creation is Tom Shuffle, who no doubt spent many painstakingly tedious hours creating a functional iPhone in Minecraft. Though the video below is entirely in German, you won't have any trouble following along with his presentations, so give it a watch to fully appreciate the work.

The demonstration kicks off by showing the screen powered off, which is awakened to a passcode screen that accepts a PIN, leading to the home screen. As you'd expect, the home button is functional, as are the apps shown on the display. Shuffle takes us through them, showing off the calendar and the camera, as an example.

Not surprisingly, there's also a Settings page, the Compass, the stocks app, and even a usable paint app that lets the user select a color and paint, and a functional slot machine app, which features three rotating bars and the button to trigger them. Can't get enough Minecraft? Hit up our related tag portal for more news!

VIA: Kotaku