US outdoes Japan and China for mobile data demand

We are a data hungry country and we have the numbers to prove that. The US is on track to cross the $100 billion mark for revenue stemming from mobile data, according to analyst Chetan Sharma. You can say that it's finally getting set in stone, that people are moving from the desktop to more mobile options like the smartphone and tablets.

Not only will our great country surpass the $100 billion revenue mark this year, we also beat China and Japan to this figure. According to initial reports, the industry stood at the $90 billion in mobile data revenue, mark last year.

Given the growth rates and room for expansions, the coveted $100 billion mark is more achievable this year. Till about the fourth quarter of last year, this number was still distant, however soon things changed when revenues for mobile data overtook revenue for voice calls.

Certainly the tariff plans chalked out by service providers like Verizon and AT&T have an impact on reaching this target. Even the recent T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan going double, sounded like an assertive attack to getting more people to rely on mobile data than their desktop. Even AT&T joined the price war with new reductions on the 2GB non-contract plans.

If we compare the rates in the U.S. with those across the globe, then we charge a lot more for data plans. Despite the higher tariffs, looks like the U.S. will beat them all in the revenues race.

VIA VentureBeat