Unreal Engine 4 Paris virtual tour: indistinguishable from reality

Chris Burns - Jan 28, 2015, 2:00pm CST
Unreal Engine 4 Paris virtual tour: indistinguishable from reality

A virtual Parisian apartment has been rendered in video form for your enjoyment this week. Not by an architecture firm, nor a home furnishings group, but by a video game developer by the name of Dereau Benoît. This short journey through a virtual space was made real with Unreal Engine 4, the latest from Epic Games in graphics engine delivery. Everything you’re seeing here – modeling, texturing, lighting, and post-production – have been created with Unreal Engine by Benoît. The music you’re hearing comes from Sigur Rós.

This demonstration makes us think of a recent bit of rendering done by French developer Koola. Here, like there, we’re seeing some next-level excellence, some developer prowess delivered on the support environment called Unreal.

Models used in this tour come from EverMotion, Archmodels made for the 3D environment for purchase. Several textures come from CGTextures, a collection of textural elements that can also be purchased for various projects.

The entire collection of bits were kept in one place by Connecter Beta. This is an app that’s entirely free and makes available all of your 3D files in one simple to use place.

Have a peek at the timeline below for additional bits and pieces in the Unreal Engine 4 universe. Virtual reality made real.

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4 Responses to Unreal Engine 4 Paris virtual tour: indistinguishable from reality

  1. Looks fake. The shadows don’t move but pretty good.
    I need to give all my visitors a vr headset showing this so they think I live in opulence instead of the train wreck I live in.

  2. Looks really good BUT you can tell its PC rendered by looking at the curtains, they look funny, odd and reflections also look odd since there is no camera man reflected on the kitchen scene :P

    Still pretty impressive, for some reason it reminded me to Deus Ex. Perhaps in 2025 we might see the next Deus Ex game with this quality :D

  3. I wish there was some interaction with the environment like picking up a magazine or sitting down in a chair..

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