Universal Remote Control MX-5000 haptic touchscreen remote

Chris Davies - Jul 20, 2009
Universal Remote Control MX-5000 haptic touchscreen remote

Universal Remote Control (URC) have announced their latest mode, the MX-5000, offering a haptic feedback touchscreen.  Based around the same technology as the URC MX-6000, only with a more traditional form-factor, the MX-5000 supports two-way communication via WiFi b/g and RF.

Obviously there’s also IR control, with roughly 30 to 50 feet range, and macro support with up to 255 steps per macro; however you can also nest multiple macros for even more complex programs.  The 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen can be set up using URC’s Complete Control Program, and supports RS-232 system integration.  Done properly, the MX-5000 will show media information and volume levels, along with other data.

As you might have guessed, this isn’t a remote aimed at the casual user, and it’s intended to be set up and supported by a professional A/V company.  The pricing certainly reflects that; no definite figures as yet, but don’t expect much change from $1,500.

[via CrunchGear]

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