Universal Remote Control MX-6000 is loaded with features at $1,500

Brenda Barron - Sep 5, 2008
Universal Remote Control MX-6000 is loaded with features at $1,500

The Universal Remote Control MX-6000 is no ordinary remote. In fact, it’s not even an ordinary universal remote. This thing is a luxury item and typically would only be available as a part of a professional installation package. You can’t just hop over to your local electronics store for this one.

This touchscreen remote features a wide-screen, a first for URC, and provides standard control like infrared and RF along with Wi-Fi. That way, you can access your PC and gain access to information like cover art and other metadata.

There are several widget-like modules as well that pull information from the Internet to display weather, news and stock reports. The MX-6000 is a top of the line device but the price tag seems a bit much, especially for a device meant to control your other devices. I’m not sure including a few features of its own is enough to justify the cost. But die-hard home entertainment junkies may find its the perfect addition to their set up.

[via Crave at CNET]

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