UMID M1 MID pros & cons: "best UMPC available"?

If the UMID M1 has shown us anything, it's that no one device can be everything for every person.  The 4.8-inch touchscreen clamshell MID has come in for praise over its compact size, speedy components and lengthy battery, but concerns over keyboard usability and build quality have left some uncertain.  Over at UMPC Portal, our friend Steve has been summing up the M1Seven-minute UMID M1 overview video after the cut

Build quality is still a concern, and the keyboard is understandably cramped; Steve also isn't 100-percent convinced on either desktop or handheld use, with the screen not folding back quite far enough for the latter, nor the base being solid enough for touchscreen use in the former.  We'd say UMID's ever-wavering specs and the absence of 3G are more worrying. 

Meanwhile, according to Steve's battery tests, the M1 looks to be managing in excess of 4hrs browser use, over WiFi with brightness set at 50-percent.  Factor in the performance benchmarks and the decent quality touchscreen, the M1's ability to happily handle Skype video calls (with a good webcam to boo) and quiet, cool running, and Steve feels he can call it "one of the best UMPC devices available".