UK iBookstore shelves filled for iPad readers

Having made its international debut earlier this week, only with nothing but out-of-copyright titles to choose from, Apple's iBookstore has now started to fill up with more modern fare.  Coinciding, unsurprisingly, with the international launch of the iPad, the UK iBookstore now has titles from Bernard Cornwell, Tony Parsons and Malcolm Gladwell, among many others.

As with the App Store and iTunes, ebook purchases are a two-tap affair using the iTunes account registered to your iPad.  What may swing things for some readers is the fact that pricing is in local currency – i.e. Sterling in the UK iBookstore – rather than Amazon's dollar-only pricing no matter which country you access Kindle from.

Earlier this week Barnes & Noble launched their own BN eReader app for the iPad, though currently their estore is only available in the US.  Meanwhile Amazon's Kindle app has been available for the Apple tablet for some time now, and allows users who have already bought into the Kindle ebooks ecosystem to wirelessly transfer their titles over to their new iPad.