Typo iPhone keyboard hands-on: BlackBerry's bane

There's only one Bluetooth-connected iPhone keyboard out there this week that connects the way Typo's QWERTY does. What we're aiming to take a peek at here is if the lawsuit aimed at this company by BlackBerry earlier this month is really worth all the fuss. What we've found so far is tha yes, when you get up close, there's no mistaking that this keyboard is directly inspired by BlackBerry's own classic physical keys.

Here you're seeing the keyboard as it's attached to the iPhone 5s. This device is being allowed to work with the keyboard through Bluetooth, meaning you've got no physical connection to worry about – none of any kind. On the other hand you will need to recharge the keyboard every once in a while separate from the phone itself.

Therein flies the benefit of this device right out the window. Unless you've got a severe need to both work with your iPhone and a set of physical keys that essentially replicate a keyboard-toting BlackBerry from the past, of course. If that's the case, you've got a winner right here and now. The Typo iPhone keyboard we're looking at here is every bit as physically satisfying as a BlackBerry.

Otherwise we'll be watching the other end of this equation. If Typo is able to survive a legal bout with BlackBerry this upcoming lawsuit season, we'll be glad to see them creating more keyboards and other physical accessories in the future. They've clearly got a knack for it.