Two Xbox One updates detailed ahead of Titanfall release

Xbox One will get two updates within the space of the next 30 days, Microsoft has confirmed, with gamers promised new features and better Kinect performance among the improvements. The two updates – detailed after the cut – are described by Microsoft as preparing for "Titanfall", the upcoming team-based multiplayer game expected to be one of the most popular titles of the first half of 2014.

The first update will drop on February 11th, with probably the most noticeable change for Xbox One owners being an indicator of what storage space is remaining on the console's 500GB drive. That won't be the only status indicator, either; there's also a battery power gauge on the home screen, showing what charge is left in your controller.

USB keyboard support will also be added in the new firmware, as well as improvements to Kinect that will, Microsoft promises, make its voice command functionality more stable and responsive. In the background, there'll be general bugfixes and performance tweaks.

The second change, meanwhile, will come on March 4th. That will bring another batch of behind-the-scene tweaks and improvements, particularly to the party and multiplayer systems. It'll arrive roughly a week before Titanfall itself is released, pushing a redesigned team-based gaming system.

The two updates will be installed to Xbox One automatically, assuming the console is plugged in and has an internet connection. There's more on the Xbox One in our full review.