Titanfall hits Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC in March 2014

The much lauded, much anticipated multiplayer first-person shooter Titanfall is set to launch Mar. 11, 2014 in North America, Electronic Arts has revealed. It will be available exclusively on Microsoft consoles Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well as PC.

Titanfall is a multiplayer game, "but with all the characters, story and memorable moments of single player infused," as the developer team Respawn Entertainment puts it. Much of the team has been working in multiplayer FSP for years, some of them cutting their teeth on the Call of Duty franchise. The game has already received widespread love and attention at demos and in the media; in July it became the first game in history to receive six E3 Game Critics Awards.

Gameplay revolves around two types of characters: Titans and Pilots. Titans are mecha machines — robots controlled by people from inside a la Iron Man. Pilots are the controlling humans. Pilots can hijack Titans and use their strength and power to fight opponents, but standalone Pilots are more agile. The choice and consequences depend on in-game context.

In support of the upcoming game, EA posted a promo video that takes the form of a manufacturer demo video in the in-game lore. The fictional company "Hammond Robotics" touts its latest model "Stryder" as a cutting-edge mecha robot somewhat reminiscent of those found at the DARPA Robotics Challenge, but of course faster and way more deadly. Check out the promo below:

The Mar. 11 release date is for North America. Europe gets Titanfall Mar. 13, and so does Japan according to Inquisitr. You can pre-order at the Titanfall website if you are so inclined.

SOURCE: Titanfall