Two ways Silent Hills / P.T gets even scarier

This week we're having a look at a number of ways in which the Silent Hill trailer released this week becomes more terrifying than it already is. The name "P.T" stands for "Playable Trailer" and was revealed in full just hours after it was first released thanks to one intrepid gamer. The game is beyond scary – no limits, scream-belching horrifying – and it's not even released as a full title yet.

Realistic Lighting and Levels

What you're seeing below is the first way that we've been genuinely affected by a home-made edit of a horror game. This screenshot was edited by Reddit user Wulfegang "to make it look like a real photo." I'm convinced enough to not want to look at this image ever again.

If the game was scary enough to make you jump already, imagine how much you'll flip when you're completely convinced that it's a real live stream. By the time this game is released – one or maybe even two years in the future – there's no reason why it should't look so real.

Virtual Reality

When the first teaser videos were released for "P.T", Project Morpheus came to mind for me instantly. This virtual reality headset will be released for PlayStation 4 in the near future. Certainly near enough to be utilized in the production of Silent Hills.

The device in question is shown above. Have a peek at our first Project Morpheus hands/eyes-on from earlier this year.

Below you'll see a video showing off real reactions gamers had when demoing the game in brief. It's over the top, without a doubt.

Finally you'll see the second half of a chat Hideo Kojima had about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in which he suggests how scary the game will be. It will be scary enough to make you "s*** your pants", he suggests, turning down conventional wisdom that if a game is too scary, people won't buy it.

What if this game is so scary you can't play it with the lights out? Could it be scary enough that you won't even buy it?

Download this Playable Trailer and make it happen.