Silent Hills details shared by Hideo Kojima in brief

"I cannot speak a lot about Silent Hill, so I will talk about P.T," said game creator Hideo Kojima, speaking about the interactive game trailer released just this week. This game's name is "P.T", which Kojima suggests works as follows: "P.T stands for Playable Teaser, there is no big hidden meaning."

Kojima went on to note that he "wanted to have something very interactive, that you could play through. I wanted you to get to the end and get the IP. The last puzzle is ridiculously difficult, that's intentional. I expected this puzzle to take at least a week to get through, but it was solved in less than a day, that's a surprise!

On the puzzles in the game, Kojima suggested: "I wanted to get people to come together to solve these puzzles with different languages, and in that it was a success."

"The game itself doesn't give you purpose – it doesn't tell you what to do. It lacks purpose, this is scary."

"We wanted this game to look like it came from an independent developer, but we wanted to develop it on Fox Engine. Because of this, we had to drop the quality quite a bit," suggested Kojima. In other words – the final game will look a lot more realistic.

"At first we didn't want to make a game that will make you pee your pants, but we changed out minds. Now we're making a game that will make you sh** your pants."

"When you watch a movie that's scary, you can close your eyes and it will keep going, but with a game you get too scared and you just turn it off." Kojima continued, "but for this game we're ignoring that limit – if you don't want to play it, we don't care."

Words above come from the KOJIMA interview with Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain during Gamescom 2014 on Twitch. All words are translated secondhand from Japanese – let us know if you can translate better!