TwitterPeek gets reviewed, slated: sluggish & poorly featured

Should we be surprised that Peek's TwitterPeek messenger has pretty much fallen flat in its first review?  The dedicated Twitter messenger has been official for less than 24 hours, but already PC Mag have slated its speed and functionality, not to mention questioning its very purpose.  Among the TwitterPeek's flaws are poor displaying of messages and mediocre handling of user profiles.

The default – and, right now, sole – standard view of your tweet stream truncates the messages; you have to hit enter on each to read the full text.  As for profiles, while you can follow someone on-device, you can't read any of their existing tweets, only those they post subsequent to your following them.

There's also no search, links lead to poorly formatted text-only pages, and only Twitpic images can be displayed.  Add in sluggish performance and while the pricing might be reasonable – when compared to an unlimited data package on a smartphone, at least – and PC Mag reckon they can't really recommend it to either entry-level Twitterers or the sort of heavy-duty users who might like a dedicated device.