Twitter to make "big" announcement on Good Morning America tomorrow

Leave it to Twitter to make announcements in a way that is, shall we say, atypical in nature. Good Morning America just sent out a tweet stating that Twitter will be making a "BIG" announcement tomorrow morning on the show. Twitter hasn't made any announcement on its own account, and while we have no idea what they're going to announce, there are a couple of possibilities.

Of course, Twitter is no stranger to making announcements on a talk show, having done so with its design refresh on The Today Show in 2012, and now apparently following that trend tomorrow on ABC. There's no mention – not even a hint – about what this BIG announcement could be, but what comes first to mind is Twitter Music, which is all but official.

On April 12, we saw come alive, confirming what have been long-standing rumors about the impending service. Several celebrities have been bantering about the service, no doubt generating pre-release buzz to get people aware and excited. Such an announcement would be a strong bet for what Twitter has in store tomorrow.

On the other hand, sources have said that Twitter is in talks with Viacom and NBCUniversal about a partnership for offering video content and advertisements on the microblogging service. According to those sources, one or more deals could be revealed by the middle of next month, and while that's still a few weeks away, it's possible we'll be hearing something along this line tomorrow.

[via Twitter]