Twitter bot uses 'forgery algorithm' to turn selfies into art

You probably saw the trippy pictures produced by Google's neural networks this past summer, and maybe you even created a few yourself. There's a new and similar tool out there, but it comes in the form an art forger. The Twitter bot, called "The Deep Forger", will take your selfie or whatever image you provide and transform it into a work of art based on a style of its choosing.

What style your picture will be returned in is a surprise: one might arrive as a Picasso-inspired work of color and mayhem, and another might be a scant Rembrandt. Likewise, some of the resulting images are striking, while others miss the mark, and require a re-do.

If the first picture or two (or three) don't come out so striking, keep trying — the results are sometimes fantastic. We, of course, have neural networks to thank for this, as well as the industrious work of its creator. According to the Deep Forger Twitter account, it is the brainchild of Alex Champandard.

The bot is still in its alpha stage, and you'd be well advised to read this detailed guide on using it. If you want to give it a try yourself, tweet @DeepForger and attach the photo you want altered. You'll get a tweet back with the results, though it might take a bit as there's a queue. If you follow the bot, you'll get queue priority.

SOURCE: Twitter