See your own photos through the eyes of Google's AI

Last month the trippy so-called "dream" photos created by Google's Artificial Neural Networks took the Internet by storm, and the response was split down the middle: some found the photos, which include things like a "pig-snail" and random faces, to be fun and creative while others found them creepy. If you're skewed toward the former group and want to see what your own photos look like through the eyes of AI, you're in luck. A new tool gives you a peek.

The photos are interesting because they contain some basic shape or creature, but are made of unnatural colors and are peppered with other images blended in — faces in the grass, critters in the sky, trippy swirls and other patterns you'll likely never see sober.

If you wonder what you look like in the "deep dream", there's a new tool from Zain Shah that lets you run your own photos through the process and get a trippy result. Just upload a photo and then choose one of the two available levels: low (impressionist, it says) and high, which will produce the odd ones.

The results are, as you'd expect, quite psychedelic — some are beautiful and others are creepy, but regardless you get a look at your own world in an entirely new way. Note: the site appears to be experiencing a lot of traffic right now and is having troubles connecting. Be patient and try later if it doesn't work for you.