TwitPic for iPhone takes on Instagram

TwitPic has launched its first mobile app, TwitPic for iPhone, a free photo and social app that pits the Twitter-sharing site against Instagram. Released today, TwitPic for iPhone takes a photo-centric approach to Twitter, rather than most apps for the short-message service which prioritize text sharing, and bundles various filters and effects for processing shots before publishing them.

Of course there's also video support, not just for photos, and in addition to sharing your own shots and clips it's a browser for looking through other TwitPic photographer's galleries. That includes commenting and resharing, as well as access to the most popular users of the site.

Photo filters have found huge audience appeal, with Instagram being arguably the poster-child for impromptu image mangling. The app, which offers various retro alterations and social network integration, sold to Facebook for a whopping $1bn last month.

TwitPic's new app lacks the broader social network support of Instagram, instead focusing its attentions solely on Twitter. TwitPic for iPhone is a free download from the App Store [iTunes link].

[via Venturebeat]