Tutorial to fix your Xbox when faced with the dreaded RRoD

The ring of death is something every 360 owner dreads. Typically if that ring shows up your 360 is finished, completely done for. The only thing left is to cry to a friend so that they can send you one of these cards in the mail.

There is a small debate as to what actually causes the RRoD, but iHacked believes that it is a soldering issue. Basically, points on the GPU/CPU either work loose or become loose due to a temperature issue.


They have created a video tutorial on how to fix it. I have to respect the girl working on the Xbox, just purely because I can't believe she pulled it off with those nails on. I attempted running a cash register with fake nails once when I was 16 and haven't gotten any since. Apparently they tested out their way of fixing the 360 on ten different ones that had gotten the RRoD and were successful with all ten.

[via hacked gadgets]