RRoD condolences card

Have you or one of your friend's ever had an Xbox 360 go all Red Ring of Death on you? Well, I think its time you and your friends showed your compassionate side with this RRoD card.

The card is all white (like most Xbox 360's) there is the ill-fated red ring of death depicted on the front with red crystals, and then there is a saying on the inside. The saying is, "May this card help console you during this difficult time. I am very sorry for your loss."

They are apparently hand-made by someone going by the name of bsangel. They are sold on her Etsy shop for $4. so go nuts, personally I think Microsoft should adopt a policy of sending one of these with an RMA number when you call in to get your box repaired.

Friend's xbox 360 died? Send your condolences. [via technabob]