Trion Supercars Nemesis promises the US a 2000hp street bullet

We are in the heyday of the supercar right now with McLaren and its P1, Ferrari with its LaFerrari, and Porsche with its 918. Another marque wants to step into the supercar game and the company is a US based firm called Trion supercars. The car itself is called the Nemesis and it wants to be the American supercar.

If Trion can deliver on its promise of 2000hp, the Nemesis may well fit into the supercar ranks alongside the established makers. Trion will hand craft the Nemesis in California and the car will be built in compact and low-slung dimensions like most supercars, but will be large enough on the inside to fit a 6'4" diver behind the wheel.

Nemesis will use a LCD display system in the dash. Active aerodynamics will be adjustable depending on the mood of the driver. Trion will use a twin turbo V8 under the hood. It's unclear if this will be something along the lines of the venerable Chevy V8 or if Trion is making its own engine to power the car.

Trion claims that the Nemesis will be able to reach 60mph in 2.8 seconds and have an insane top speed of over 270mph. Power from the V8 will go to the wheels via an 8-speed sequential transmission. Much of the construction will be made from carbon fiber using Inconel elements. The biggest challenge I see here is convincing the well-heeled buyers looking for a supercar to drop the estimated $1 million purchase price on a new brand when that much money can buy you a lot of supercar from any established brand.

SOURCE: Autoblog