Toyota pulls jailbroken iPhone theme after Apple complaints

Toyota has yanked a smartphone theme for iOS that required iPhone users jailbreak their devices in order to use it. The theme had been distributed via the unofficial Cydia app store since the end of March, but after it garnered some publicity earlier this week, Apple apparently complained to Toyota.

According to ModMyI's Kyle Matthews, Apple had contacted Toyota requesting the theme be removed, and they instructed Velti, the ad agency responsible, to do just that so as to "maintain their good relationship with Apple." According to Matthews, the theme project had been in the works since April 2010.

Apple's attitude toward users jailbreaking their devices remains reasonably combative, despite jailbreaks being ruled legal; the company maintains that doing so will void the device's warranty. The fact that it also allows users to bypass the official App Store – and thus bypass Apple's cut of the revenue stream – is also likely to be a major consideration.

[via AppAdvice]