Tour Seinfeld's apartment in this Doom II map

There's no end to the list of interesting hack and mods that result in the PC FPS classic Doom running on a gamut of random devices — everything from smartwatches to Doom within Doom itself — but this news is about something interesting running in Doom. Well, Doom II, to be specific. That thing is a pixellated recreation of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment from the hit '90s sitcom Seinfeld.

Created by Doug Keener, the map allows players to enter the apartment from the hallway and be greeted by characters Elaine, George, Kramer, and Jerry himself. From there, they can walk around the tiny Manhattan space, which, other than the split living room-kitchen, only really includes a bedroom and bathroom.

In the video's description, Keener notes that he's a big fan of the show Seinfeld, and that he spent over 100 hours creating the map, using custom textures and sprites.

Of course, this being Doom II, not to mention players entering the apartment with the super shotgun in hand, all of the characters can be shot and reduced to a bloody pile. Each character makes one of their iconic sounds when being shot, which makes the cold-blooded simulated murder a bit easier to swallow.

Upon exiting Jerry's apartment and opening the door directly across the hall, players will find none-other than his nemesis Newman. He can also be shot too, though, so don't worry.

That's really all there is to do on the map. But as Seinfeld was a "show about nothing," it's fitting that this Doom II mod doesn't really have anything to do. Keener has shared the .WAD file on Google Drive, so anyone can download it and give it a try.

SOURCE Doug Keener/YouTube