Modder heard you likes Doom, lets you play Doom while you play Doom

Yo dawg..., etc. We've seen the classic PC shooter Doom hacked and modded to run on everything from an ATM to an Android Wear smartwatch, but this tops them all. A modder going by the name The Zombie Killer on YouTube has managed to get Doom to run inside of Doom. Yes, really. You can walk up to a computer terminal while playing Doom, and from that in-game machine start playing Doom. No word yet on how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

The modder reveals that Doom is actually running inside GZDoom, itself a heavily modified source port of the original game that was released in 2005. In addition to the in-game version of Doom, there's also in-game Wolfenstein 3D, but Zombie Killer notes that both are only in "semi-complete" status. For those who want to play around with what's there, the mod has been shared online.

Doom within Doom was made possible by a modding tool that lets programmers make more interactive environments. The original Doom code is so old that it's difficult to build mods for, so source ports like GZDoom, which is a variant of ZDoom, are like refreshed versions that offer more flexibility for customizing.

Maybe next we can get something like Quake inside Doom. Yeah, it's probably not technically possible, but anything is better than playing "____ inside Minecraft." Except for maybe Doom inside Minecraft, that would be pretty cool.

VIA ArsTechnica

SOURCE The Zombie Killer/YouTube