Toshiba Dynario fuel-cell gets tear-down engineer treatment

Chris Davies - Dec 11, 2009

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for working fuel-cell technology to drop into consumers’ hands, and what do Tech-On do when they get hold of just such a system but rip the thing apart.  They’ve taken Toshiba’s Dynario fuel-cell – launched in Japan back in October – and handed it over to their engineers, who promptly stripped it down to its bare components.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside a fuel-cell then their run-down of the Dynario’s contents makes for interesting reading.  It’s actually reasonable simple, at least in terms of the core power generating cell, though the surrounding components are pretty complex.

Of course, with Toshiba only releasing 3,000 of the units, Tech-On’s judgement that the 29,800 yen ($335) price tag is low for everything you get means we’re left wanting the fuel-cell but probably unable to buy one.  They reckon Toshiba will switch to a new design with the new model, treating this first-gen fuel-cell as a prototype.

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