Toshiba launches PF60A000001 Dynario methanol fuel cell in Japan

I have been waiting for a fuel cell to come along for a long time now that I can refill on the go for continuous charging and power of my mobile gear like my iPhone and my notebook. I have used some fuel cells before, but they have been disposable. Toshiba has unveiled a new methanol fuel cell that is launching today that can be refilled on the go.

The fuel cell is called the Dynario and is a DFMC that can be refilled with methanol in about 20 seconds for continuous power. The methanol is injected into a dedicated cartridge within the device. The power created by the fuel cell is sent out via a USB cable to charge devices like mobile phones and PMPs. A single methanol fill can recharge up to two average mobile phones.

The fuel cell produces DC5V power at 400mA and holds 14ml of methanol in its fuel cartridge. The device weighs 280g without the fuel and measures 150mm W x 21mm D x 74.5mm H. The fuel cell will be limited to a run of 3,000 units and will sell via Toshiba's direct sales website for 29,800 yen. The fuel cartridges will sell for 3,150 yen for a set of five. The fuel cell will ship on October 29 and can be ordered now.