Tony Hawk's YouTube-funded skateboard channel just did a 360

Skateboard veteran Tony Hawk's production company, 900 films, have teamed up with Complex media this month to expand their already-massive RIDE Channel into something much bigger. The YouTube-funded RIDE Channel is turning into a full 360 media brand, working with a new jump-off point, content, and the same aim – covering skateboard culture and nothing but. RIDE Channel originally launched in 2012 as a Premiere YouTube channel, and will now be working with Marc Ecko's Complex system for massive expansion well past the basic YouTube destination.

The RIDE Channel has worked with – and will continue to work with – skateboard legends like Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, Andrew Reynolds, Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Chris Cole, and Luan Oliveira. The RIDE Channel will become part of Complex Media's multi-channel network as well.

You may know RIDE for such oddities as the following:

Above you'll see the HUVr Hoverboard viral video – done in collaboration with Funny or Die.

Below you'll see Tony Hawk jump over a Lexus LFA. For fun!

You'll also have a peek here at a video from all the way back in 2008 – well before the channel on YouTube began. Archives, man.

The Ride Channel is expanding with the Ride website – video and news bits for skateboarding culture exclusively. Ishod Wair, Cory Kennedy, Grant Taylor, Dennis Busenitz, and Stevie Williams are also all onboard for future content.