HUVr Hoverboard fake: Funny Or Die claims anti-grav viral

Yesterday, fans the world over got a jolt of excitement when a viral video surfaced showing off celebrities and athletes alike demonstrating the HUVr, a purported "real" hoverboard bringing the iconic futuristic skate option from Back to the Future to reality. Today Funny or Die has posted a new video featuring Christopher Lloyd apologizing for the shattered hopes of many and taking credit for the production.

In the video, Lloyd, accompanied by sad music and listed as a "HUVr spokesperson", says he was duped into believing the hoverboard was real, going on to wax poetically about his complicity and sorrow for the blindness he possessed towards the wires suspending the actors and athletes in the air.

Lloyd's humorous confession on the matter is followed with an exciting revelation: fans can head over to Funny or Die's video and leave a comment for a chance to win the signed hoverboard. The confession also comes with a plea of sorts for someone to invent a real hoverboard, with Lloyd saying, "Go, do it, make it happen — for all of us. God bless you."

With the original video comes a viral website for the company purportedly behind the HUVr, which hints at a future revelation. At the top of the HUVr Tech website, a time-machine graphic shows the present time (March), and lists a "Destination Time" of December 2014. What we're destined to discover in December is up to speculation.