Tony Hawk: RIDE plus limited edition controller priced for UK

Chris Davies - Aug 7, 2009

Upcoming skateboard game Tony Hawk: RIDE has been priced for the UK, with retailer Game listing the title – complete with a limited edition board controller – at £99.99 ($168).  The custom board is designed by Tony Hawk himself, hence the great big hawk on it, and is exclusive to Game.

It’s also tipped to be in short supply, hence pre-orders opening now, 105 days from the title’s actual release date.  As with the standard Tony Hawk: RIDE controller, the ‘board features a number of wireless motion sensors along with touch-sensors around the edge for grabs and the like.

The game will arrive in the UK on November 20th.  It’ll also be launched in the US and Germany this year; US price is expected to be $120.

[via CrunchGear]

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