TomTom car-kit supports iPod touch, other PND apps

TomTom's PND app for the iPhone 3G and 3GS may already be splitting opinion among early reviewers, but we're yet to see how the company's dedicated car-kit fares.  Even if you pick one up and find you're less than enamored with the TomTom app, the company has confirmed to Mac4Ever that not only does the mount have an integrated GPS receiver but that it is compatible with other PND apps.  They've also revealed that the iPod touch will work in the car-kit just like the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

The upside to this is that third-party PND applications can presumably now benefit from the TomTom car-kit's improved satellite signal reception, with the iPhone or iPod touch recognizing the GPS chip as a generic receiver.  It also means that those users will be able to recharge their device while using it, plus use the hands-free functionality.

What TomTom are yet to confirm is pricing for the car-kit, which is yet to get an official mention on the company's site.  The only details we have to go on are a pre-release figure mentioned by a UK retailer, who suggested £99 plus VAT ($168).

[via mickerlodeon]