Today's Pokemon GO update [APK Download]

Pokemon GO has been updated today with changes to the Pokemon Gym, Berry feeding, and sponsored Pokestops and/or real-world events. The vast majority of these changes remain behind-the-scenes, in the code. For many of the changes that've appeared but aren't yet fully active, the push could happen at any moment – but users will need the updated app file loaded to their smartphone to make it happen.

Perhaps the biggest change to the Pokemon Gym in this update has to do with limits. In the code is the attribute called MaxSamePokemonAtFort. This means that there'll be a set number of the same species of Pokemon at any given gym. No more gyms full of the unbeatable Blissey, that is to say.

There's also a mention of NIA_OPS in Sponsor Types – which likely points to Niantic, then to Operations. If this is anything like we talked about before, Niantic's about to make the game much more awesome – and just in time for Summer Vacation for all the kids!

There are other minor changes having to do with Pokemon Gyms and the way the game is optimize quickly. The most interesting of the gym updates is a non-live code which reads ACTIVITY_FEED_BERRY. This could just be a new way to speak about the Berry items already in the game, but its placement near code for Pokemon Gyms suggests that a new game mechanic is in order.

The latest version of Pokemon GO available for Android can be downloaded from APK Mirror as of this morning. As always with any 3rd-party source for app downloads, take caution. SlashGear is not responsible for anything that happens to any device as a result of loading an app outside of official app stores.

For iPhone, there's always iTunes. At the time this article is set to be released, the file update date is not yet current. Check over at the iTunes app store to find an update date later than April 7th, 2017. It'll be released sometime soon, and dated for May 10th or later.

For more information on future updates to the game, stick around SlashGear for the foreseeable future. To make this easy as possible, tap into the @TeamPokemonGO Pokemon GO Twitter portal. We've got memes, too, if that's something in which you're interested in partaking.