Pokemon GO tips: How to beat Blissey

There's a monster named Blissey in Pokemon GO right this minute, keeping Pokemon Gyms stacked and making it near-impossible to battle. We've done some research here at SlashGear and have found a few different ways in which Blissey can be blasted with relative ease. Ease as in not impossible to battle because Blissey has such an epic amount of hit points that there's generally little that can be done before time runs out.

How to win against Blissey

Blissey is currently the best defender Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO. Blissey has the best stamina in the game – meaning he or she can go for long periods of time battling at a Gym without getting knocked out. Blissey's biggest asset is hitpoints – she's got one massive amount of HP. Other than that, there's really nothing all that different about Blissey from any other Normal Type Pokemon.

As it is with other Normal Type Pokemon, Blissey will take large amounts of damage from Fighting Type Pokemon. The one type of Pokemon that will do less damage than they would to other monsters is Ghost type. Blissey does less than average damage to Rock, Ghost, and Steel type Pokemon.

As you might have guessed, the sort of Pokemon we're looking for are Fighting type Pokemon that are also either Rock or Steel types. As Blissey's greatest asset is HP, and lasting an especially long time in battle, selecting a Ghost type Pokemon is the very last thing a trainer should be doing. It's far more important to have a high attack in this battle than it is to be able to defend well.

Which Pokemon Battle Blissey Well

While it's POSSIBLE to beat Blissey using Pokemon that shouldn't do especially well against Normal Type Pokemon, it's far easier – and potentially more fruitful – to use the Pokemon on this list. This list contains Pokemon that are good for Prestige (lower levels than Blissey, damage, knock out, lots of Gym raising). At high levels, these Pokemon are also great for taking Blissey down quick.

• Primeape with Counter / Close Combat

• Parasect

• Exeggutor with Seed Bomb / Solar Beam

• Machop

• Machoke with Karate Chop and Dynamic Punch

• Machamp

• Steelix (any combo)

• Skarmory (good luck finding one)

Some of these Pokemon will be able to beat a highest-level Blissey 2x at a time. This means the attacker will need to sacrifice at least one, if not both, Pokemon to beat Blissey. The least of these Pokemon – like Machop – will require several sacrifices to beat Blissey.

How to Battle Blissey

Once the user has a high-quality team of fighters to take on Blissey, they must prepare themselves mentally. Fighting Blissey is not like fighting most Pokemon. Instead of doing one's best to fight and dodge, one most rush in headlong! Reckless haste is required to beat this beast.

Blissey's objective is to beat the Pokemon she faces, but more often than not she'll and up winning because she's outlasted the player's entire bench. To beat Blissey, one must not only deplete her HP, they must deplete her HP as fast as possible. To do this, the user must be willing to let their Pokemon get knocked out.

Fighting Blissey means attacking non-stop, as fast as possible, not worrying about switching Pokemon or avoiding damage. If lucky enough to find a set of Pokemon that can beat a Blissey AND do so without getting knocked out themselves, by all means, do so. Also tell us what you're using, because gosh dang it that's crazy talk.

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