Today is your last (official) chance to buy Google Glass

Check your bank account and credit card statements. Seriously, we'll wait. Do you have $1,500 bucks you just can't stand having lying around? Do you enjoy technology that may someday be a collectors item? If so, Google Glass is still on sale, and today is the last day to buy it. That's right, at the end of today, Glass will be officially off the market, relegated to bloated eBay listings. As Google starts winding down their Explorer program and directing Glass to what amounts to their hardware division, Glass as we know it is ending.

So how can you grab a pair for yourself? First, make sure you really don't want $1,500. Then head to the Glass Explorer's page (link below) and click "Buy Online". You'll then be redirected to a Google Play order page. You select your frames and shades, and your Glass is on its way.

Again, this is really more for those who want something to remember Glass by, or like having things that will someday be relics. Google is shuttering the Explorer program, so there will be no additional updates. Apps will likely still work, but don't expect updates or support. Definitely don't hold out hope for new apps, even though Glass is still accepting new submissions from Developers.

And if Google ever comes out with a new consumer version of their wearable, you'd likely have to buy that one, too. We don't know that Google will gift Explorers with a new version of Glass, but it's not something you should consider when buying this headset. Though the faithful believe Glass will come to retail later this year, there's no reason to assume as much, and Google has given zero indication that will happen.

Also, you're suddenly going to be everything that's wrong with modern technology in the eyes of many, so bear that in mind. If you're alright with hardware made for a shuttered program and the scorn of civilization, though — enjoy your Glass.

Source: Google Glass Explorers