Today is when your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 will die

Battery troubles with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will begin today for all T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 units. So long as the user hits the OK button for T-Mobile's OTA software update, the end is near. The Galaxy Note 7, once updated, will no longer charge up with battery power. From here on out, it's time to die.

The folks at T-Mobile USA are one of several carriers in the United States that have worked with Samsung to recall the Galaxy Note 7. This device turned out to have a manufacturing issue earlier this year and Samsung voluntarily recalled all units. This recall was done because the Galaxy Note 7 was prone to overheating to the point of fire and/or explosion.

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The T-Mobile USA is the latest version of the Galaxy Note 7 to be sent a software update that ends its ill-fated life. It does this by cutting out its own ability to accept new power in its battery, effectively stopping it from living at the end of its standard battery cycle. After death, it would seem that the Galaxy Note 7 will still be eligible for a refund – though users may want to check with Samsung and/or T-Mobile about that before heading in to a retailer to trade the unit in.

The update date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with T-Mobile USA was suggested for December 27th, 2016. That's the same date this article is scheduled to go live. At that time, updates will begin to be distributed – we'll see soon if they end up being mandatory or forced. We can't imagine anyone is waiting for this update with bated breath.

Any readers out there that know someone with a Galaxy Note 7 – please, for their own safety, tell them they're going to explode. Owning this smartphone is not worth the hassle of a potential fire destroying property and/or lives. Samsung is going to release another smartphone in just a few months – until then, the Galaxy S7 and/or Galaxy S7 Edge should do the trick just fine.