Titanfall preload live on Origin: all 49.99GB of it

It's time to get pre-loading for Titanfall with Origin. Users will be able to download most of the package required for them to play the game – the rest will come in on the 11th of March, next week. Meanwhile this game has begun arriving at retailers, at least in the UK. In the United Kingdom the shop known as ShopTo has shown their massive stacks of Titanfall units for Xbox One – crates and crates and crates.

As the game is available for preload through Origin, we'll likely see more tear-downs of the components before the launch of the game next week. In the past with games of this caliber we've seen teardown reveals of in-game cinematics, component shots, and data. For now we've only seen glimpses of new maps via the Beta build of the game released last month.

Above you're also seeing a set of photos from AceAttourney which may or may not be inside the United States. We shall see!

In the UK the game will be released on the 14th of March rather than on the 11th, likely due to the necessity of full-powered always-on server space. This game is all-online, after all, with no single-player component to speak of. Earlier today we had word that the game's South African launch has been indefinitely cancelled due to a lack of proper Azure support – that's Microsoft Server requirements for the game to stay up and online constantly.

For those users attempting to download the preload of Titanfall through Origin failing to do so may receive the error "The game installation directory is invalid." To fix this error, you'll have to exit Origin and run it again as Administrator.

There've also been reports of massive "remaining time" when the download file is much smaller than a user would normally see taking said amount of time. While the system thinks you're downloading 50GB, in fact you're downloading a packed 20GB that'll be 50GB unpacked.

Also appearing this week are guides such as this which show users how they can potentially play the game earlier than their region would normally allow. Take heed, though, as we've also seen responses to these guides from users who have been warned and/or banned for such activities – play it safe!