Titanfall Expedition DLC live-feed today, release on May 15

It's nearly time to jump into the jungle. Titanfall's first big downloadable content pack "Expedition" is nearly out in stores, and today the folks at Respawn Entertainment – the developers of this game – are bringing a live-feed video of the expanded bits and pieces to Twitch. This feed begins at 12PM PST (noon today), and will last for an unknown amount of time – likely over an hour into the afternoon.

This game expansion will be delivered for $10 USD, similar to the price of each Titanfall DLC for the future. This expansion pack will include three new maps, one of which was previewed in a making-of video earlier this week. Have a peek at Swamplands now – they've created a step-by-step for you to see the full process of creation.

Another map that's been detailed in brief is War Games. This War Games map was shown off on April 24th, Respawn Entertainment showing off how this map will tease your brain with bits of several previously-released maps mixed into one. It's virtual reality – like you're on the Enterprise.

Below we've got the live feed embedded for your enjoyment and information – stand by for Titanfall:

[UPDATE: Stream over - stick around for our Expedition DLC review!]

The above livestream will begin at 12 NOON on May the 12th, 2014.

You'll have to hit the "Play" button when you want to begin to watch – generally Twitch video feeds are auto-play, but we want to give you the option. The option – that is to say – of not getting blasted in the face immediately upon clicking this publication.

At this time it appears that the DLC will be hitting digital stores on the 15th of May – that's this Thursday. The release of this DLC will likely appear for both Xbox One and PC at the same time.