Lenovo Flex 3 11 highlights: three things to know

When it comes to budget laptops, you usually have two choices: cheesy design or inadequate features. Lenovo challenges both of those issues with its new Flex 3 11, a small laptop that starts at $299 and looks like it was designed for grown ups. We recently reviewed the laptop, and per usual we're back with a few highlights that'll jump start your knowledge about the machine. For all of the details and more pictures, be sure to check out the full review!

1. It looks professional

Maybe you've just scored your first grown-up job and you need a laptop that looks as professional as you feel, only your budget can't yet accommodate something like the X1 Carbon. Budget laptops usually don't fit this bill, offering colorful or cheesy designs that would be out of place in the office. The Flex 3 11 doesn't have that problem, featuring a solid black exterior, silver metal-like hinge covers (made of plastic), and a brushed metal interior.

2. It has, comparatively, a lot of features

This isn't Lenovo's only laptop in this price range — it has both Chromebooks and Windows laptops with a price tag that falls beneath the $300/$400 mark, but the Flex 3 11 arguably has the most features out of them all. You can fold the display all the way back into a tablet mode, for example, and there's a touchscreen. It also has an atypically high number of ports for a budget laptop, with three USB slots, HDMI, a multi-card reader, combo audio jack, Ethernet, and more.

3. Storage space'll cost you

You'll need to shell out more if you want a decent amount of internal storage (versus using a high-capacity SD card for extra space). The $299 USD model features only 32GB of storage space, while the price jumps to $379 USD for 64GB and $399 USD for a 500GB 5400rpm hard drive.