Three detail UK iPad 3G plans: best value so far

UK carrier Three has become the latest network to throw their hat into the iPad WiFi + 3G data plan ring, and at first glance they've put together the most tempting of the four offerings we've seen to-date.  Two tariffs are on offer: £7.50 ($11) per month gets you 1GB, while £15 ($22) gets you 10GB of data.In comparison, Orange match Three's 1GB for £7.50 but charge £25 for 10GB, while £15 will only get you 5GB on O2's iPad plan.  Vodafone are charging a whopping £25 for just 5GB, meanwhile.

As with the other carriers, Three's plans are contract-free and can be cancelled month to month; leave them untampered with and they'll auto-renew.  You can check coverage at Three's site as well as register for a MicroSIM.  The iPad WiFi + 3G will launch in the UK this Friday.