This Singer Octagon Commission 911 is a feast for the senses

When it comes to reimagined versions of classic Porsche 911s, California-based restomod maker Singer Vehicle Design is on top of the heap. Singer's latest creation is the Octagon Commission 911. This model follows the release of other special commission models including the Honor Roll Commission and the Anglet commission released a few months ago.

But as with any Singer 911, the Octagon Commission is brimming with juicy retro-inspired styling cues. Most noticeable are those luscious Fuchs-style five-spoke alloy wheels and Sherlock Blue paint job. The retro look is complemented by some ghost striping and mild champagne lettering.

Similar to other Singer 911 builds, the Octagon Commission also features an exposed fuel filler on the hood. Power is courtesy of a tuned 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated and an air-cooled flat-six motor capable of revving up to 7,000 rpm. Singer has yet to divulge the final engine specs, but we're expecting nothing less than 390 horsepower for the Octagon Commission. Torque is fed to the rear wheels courtesy of a six-speed manual transmission. And no, you can't have an automatic gearbox.

However, the biggest triumph is inside the cabin. Sitting inside a Singer 911 is an experience like no other with a varied mix of the old and new. You get retro-style gauges, modern switchgear, and the finest luxury materials. The electric seats are covered in woven leather and are festooned with nickel grommets and Alabaster stitching. Meanwhile, a noticeable portion of the interior panels is finished in body color including the door sills and transmission tunnels.

Even the front storage compartment is not spared from luxurious details. Opening the hood reveals a posh luggage room with quilted leather to match the interior theme. All told, Singer's Octagon Commission has everything you can hope for in a retro 911.

So, how much is all this eye candy worth? Singer also failed to divulge pricing, but we reckon it'll cost a lot given the vehicle's impeccable fit and finish. For the most part, a reimagined 911 by Singer starts at around $475,000 while some models sold at auction for well over $870,000.