This MacBook Air leak made me want to switch back to Apple

A hardware leak this week shows a set of MacBook devices that made we want to switch back to using an Apple computer. I've used either Windows or Mac OS computers for the past couple of decades – at this point I could go either way with the software. With what I do on either platform, apps I use pretty much roll right, regardless of OS. For me, the hardware now needs to make the case for my next purchase.

With what's leaked this week, Apple might well have just created a situation that I won't be able to avoid. The value of this new computer isn't necessarily in its connection to the Apple ecosystem, but in its lively aesthetic. This MacBook Air, or just MacBook, will very possibly launch in a variety of colorful metals, not unlike the most recent iMac.

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Indications shared by Jon Prosser (with RendersByIan) show a set of MacBook devices with the colors blue, purple, silver, pink, orange, yellow, and green. The colors here seem more muted than they are in the iMac (with M1 Chip) but we ARE looking at unofficial renders here VS Apple's real-deal devices – so they could easily be more matched in real life.

Also interesting in this design is the bottom of the notebook. There, instead of relying on four bumper feet, this notebook has two long bars. These bars are likely rubbery and grippy like previous notebook bumper feet – but will (hopefully) stand the test of time longer than previous solutions.

Information leaked this week suggests that this MacBook will have at least two USB-C ports, one on each side of the computer. There also seems to be reason to believe in a Touch-ID sensor in the upper right-hand corner of the keyboard, as we saw tipped in a leak in late April for multiple machines.

For now, I'm still using a Surface Notebook in boring old gray. I'm crossing fingers that we'll also get Apple Pencil support on this next-generation MacBook, but I will not be holding my breath.