This is what Samsung’s airport “takeover” looks like

Chris Burns - May 19, 2014
This is what Samsung’s airport “takeover” looks like

At Heathrow airport in London, Samsung has “taken over” what may be the world’s busiest terminal. Purchasing the bulk of advertising area in the terminal, you’ll see more Samsung Galaxy S5 posters and large signage per square foot here than anywhere else in the world. This campaign is set to stick around for two weeks.

What you’re seeing above and below is Samsung’s own images of the arena. While you won’t see the actual “Terminal 5” anywhere in these images, the wayfinding in the airport – signs leading up to the terminal and standard “Terminal 5” signs – all remain in place.


Instead this is a real eye-commander sort of situation. Every space in the terminal that could have been purchased by Samsung was purchased, and these signs will remain dominant through the next 14 days. According to Samsung, this is an “extraordinary partnership” which will “take Samsung brand awareness to a whole new level.”

Those of you flying in to Heathrow or out of Heathrow will not experience any odd “Galaxy S5” names appearing on your plane tickets – no worries.

For those of you interested in getting more in-depth with the smartphone in question, have a peek at our Samsung Galaxy S5 Review as well as the timeline below.

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