This iPhone trick made Twitter users flip

Chris Burns - Aug 11, 2017
This iPhone trick made Twitter users flip

In a devastating display of simple settings tapping, my iPhone experience was changed forever. One Twitter user by the name of TheBaeMarcus tapped into my life and never left by ramping up the way my iPhone plays sounds. Music, more specifically – I don’t really need anything else to be louder. The “trick” I’m talking about here isn’t really all that complicated, and it actually really does work.

Twitter user responses to the posting of this “trick” included such fine examples of thanks as “You are amazing. I just want to hug you” and “I’m shook.” When you post a how-to on Twitter and people respond with “This just made my life better” – you know you’ve won. You’ve done some real good in this world – at least on a micro level.

The trick goes like this – first, turn some music on – in your iPhone, obviously. Then go to Settings, tap Music, tap EQ, and tap Late Night. It’s as simple as that. You’ll hear the results instantly.

It’s not like this was a hidden set of settings or anything – but I’d certainly not known about it before today. Such is the way of things when it comes to smartphone settings. If Apple doesn’t promote it as the next big thing, I generally end up never seeing it. Or, if I do, I tell you, and we all jump around and celebrate together because we’ve got louder music.

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