This Eagle Lightweight GT E-Type is better than the original

The iconic Jaguar E-Type is regarded by enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and full-blooded petrol heads as the most beautiful car ever built. However, the Eagle Lightweight GT E-Type looks pretty much like the original car albeit with modern underpinnings. Eagle is a relatively small automotive engineering firm specializing in building only one car: The Jaguar E-Type.And now, meet the Lightweight GT, the newest member of Eagle's growing family.

Jaguar originally built two limited-edition variants of the E-Type between 1962 to 1964, namely the Low Drag Coupe and the Lightweight E-Type. Jaguar only built twelve examples of the Lightweight E-Type and all were based on the illustrious Jaguar C-Type and D-Type – the latter of which claimed the checkered flag at Le Mans in 1955, 1956, and 1957. Interestingly enough, Jaguar's Heritage Division also built six original Lightweight E-Type models in 2014.

According to Eagle, its newest Lightweight GT "transforms an original Series 1 E-Type into the classic supercar the factory never built." Boasting 35 years of experience in building, refining, and reengineering the classic E-Type, Eagle has given the Lightweight GT an extensive weight loss regimen to unlock its full potential.

The entire body is crafted from aluminum. In fact, it takes Eagle craftsmen a minimum of 2,500 hours to form every body panel on an English Wheel. The 16-inch retro-style wheels are made of magnesium while the gearbox case, bell housing, differential case, and rear hub carriers are created using magnesium alloys to further reduce weight. The Eagle Lightweight GT also benefits from titanium and Inconel (a durable superalloy based on nickel-chromium) components, allowing it to tip the scales at 2,242 pounds (1017 kg).

Aerodynamics plays a crucial factor in designing the Lightweight GT's svelte body panels. And while the design remains faithful to the original, Eagle made some enhancements including deeper sills, a rakish front and rear windshield, larger wheel arches, and deeper ramp angles.

Power is courtesy of Eagle's bespoke 4.7-liter straight six derived from the Jaguar XK. It produces 380 horsepower and 375 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox with optimized gear ratios, allowing the car to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under 5 seconds and a top speed of 170 mph. And since the Lightweight GT is a grand touring sports car, Eagle fitted it with Ohlins adjustable dampers and lightweight springs to deliver a comfortable ride.

Meanwhile, the cabin is beaming with top-notch materials and impeccable build quality. Eagle revised the pedal mountings and floor pan to improve the legroom. The seats are covered in genuine cowhide while the cabin switches, levers, and seat adjusters are 3D-printed to perfection.

Eagle failed to mention pricing for the Lightweight GT, but we reckon it won't come cheap since an Eagle E-Type Spyder GT starts at around £695,000 or roughly $876,000.