This big Amazon Echo discount is a one-day-only affair

Eric Abent - Jun 26, 2017, 9:22 am CDT
This big Amazon Echo discount is a one-day-only affair

It’s clear that Amazon wants its Echo line of devices to be the center hub of your smart home, but at $180 for the standard Amazon Echo, the buy-in can be significant. If that $180 price point is more than you want to spend on a smart home speaker, then good news: Amazon has slashed Echo’s price significantly. The bad news is that this is a one-day-only sale, so you need to jump on it if you want to save some cash.

For today only, Amazon will sell you a standard Echo for $129.99, shaving $50 off the list price. It should be noted that this sale only applies to the Amazon Echo – the Echo Dot is still $50, while the new Echo View still clocks in at more than $200. That the other two aren’t discounted isn’t all that shocking, as the Echo Dot is already fairly inexpensive and the Echo Show can still be considered a brand new product.

READ MORE: Google Home vs Amazon EchoIn recent weeks, Amazon has been doing a lot to bolster its Echo lineup. This has mostly involved making certain Alexa APIs available to more developers, in turn opening the door to more Alexa skills. The most notable of these is probably the Alexa Video Skills API, which allows developers to easily integrate Alexa into their video apps.

Alexa can certainly benefit from these improvements, especially because Amazon is facing a lot of competition from other companies. Not only is Google putting pressure on the Echo brand through Google Home, but Apple is also gearing up to launch its own Siri smart speaker called the HomePod. It’s clear that Amazon wants to improve Alexa and its Echo line as much as it can before the market for smart home speakers becomes too terribly crowded.

Amazon hasn’t announced when, exactly, this one-day-sale will end, so if you want one, it’s probably better to buy sooner rather than later. Hit the source link below to be taken to Amazon’s listing, where you can pick one up for yourself.

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