Third model Pixel 2 appears amid XL LG display troubles

It would seem fitting that this week another HTC-made Pixel 2 XL device would be found. This, a week in which the LG-made Google Pixel 2 XL (already out in the wild – see link below) is the subject of display-based controversy. This, a week in which the HTC-made Pixel 2 has had few to no negative reports – just the opposite – the smaller device has everything the larger one does, with a smaller display whose colors and viewing angles are all on-point.

What's this third device I speak of today? It's a magician – a sort of device that existed in earlier tests of the latest version of Android, then disappeared for a while. It's re-appeared in the same testing bin that the other two Pixel 2 devices first appeared – AOSP. There, we see the re-appearance of Muskie.

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This third Pixel device is not confirmed by Google, nor HTC, or anything like that. Instead, we're looking at codes dug up by XDA which show the device as HTC-made, "manufacturer" Google, with a massive battery inside. This device would be the beast of the group, carrying with it a battery that's 3830 mAh large. That's bigger than the Google Pixel 2 XL, a device with a 3520 mAh battery inside.

What's more, this device has the same dots per inch as the larger Pixel released this year. That would seem to indicate that it's a device with a very, very similar build – if not the same display with a different body. That's very interesting – very interesting indeed.

As this device is lumped in with codes for Walleye and Taimen – both previously released Pixel devices. Over at Droid Life today, they've got a tip on the next generation of Pixel devices, too – Albacore and Blueline. If that's true, why would Google still be working on Muskie?

Is it a half-step device with a larger battery made to be released halfway between this year's Pixels and the Pixels of 2018? Or is this some sort of magical third category? Maybe a beast of a phone running Android One?

Have a peek at the timeline below to see what other recent Google-made oddities have popped up. And stay tuned as we continue to unravel this fishy mystery!