ThinkFlood RedEye turns your iPhone into a universal remote

Repurposing an iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control isn't a new idea – Sonos have one of the more impressive implementations we've played with – but if you don't want device-specific control and would prefer a universal remote, ThinkFlood have one such option.  Coming out of private beta and going on general sale this week, the ThinkFlood RedEye looks like an iPhone dock but squeezes in a WiFi adapter and IR blaster.  An app installs on your iPhone (or iPod touch), the phone connects via WiFi to the dock, and you can mimic any IR remote.

As you'd expect from a touchscreen-based remote system each screen only offers the controls related to the gizmo you're using, but ThinkFlood have thrown in some multitouch too; two-finger swipes up and down control volume, while two-finger swipes left or right control channel.  You can also control devices in multiple rooms by adding more RedEye units, as well as use more iPod touch or iPhone handsets.

Unfortunately, the $188 sticker price means fitting out your whole home with RedEye blasters will get expensive very quickly.  ThinkFlood are promising future firmware updates that add more functionality to the app, but we reckon price will be the biggest barrier for most would-be users.

[via CrunchGear]