These iPhone 11 pictures just changed my mind on absurd design

Today I happened upon the work of an artist by the name of Hasan Kaymak, and I've seen the next iPhone in a couple different iterations. The dangers in seeing leaked hardware are many – one of them is discovering the industrial design of a device in an unflattering light. Apple's been suffering from this situation for about a half-decade – but, lucky them, there are top-notch next-gen designers out in the wild looking to make a name for themselves in taking leaked concepts and making them look glorious.

What you're about to see is a set of smartphones made by Hasan Kaymak, 3D rendered to perfection. These concepts cover the iPhone 11 (assuming that's the name that'll be chosen by Apple) and the iPhone 11R, because we're already ahead of ourselves, why not go the extra mile? Why not go ahead and make some design choices of your own?

Above and below are the futuristic iPhone designs Kaymak posted to his portfolio site. These images take the otherwise relatively bland-looking non-popping images of the leaked iPhone 11 design and make them POP!

Early design concept looks at the iPhone 11 had some of us shocked. Why would Apple put several cameras in a square box-like configuration? Why would Apple allow that box to overlap the Apple symbol lower on the machine in a non-flattering way? If what Kaymak did with those early leaks turns out to be closer to the truth, I see what the designers of this Apple hardware had in mind. It makes sense now.

The shine of the different sorts of materials make the 3D layers of this design dance. The colors and angles used by Kaymak make the devices desirable. They're fresh, new, and put in the most flattering of poses.

What Kaymak did was not just an exercise in exploring the future of Apple smartphone design, it was an effort to take Apple's own presentation of devices up a notch. Now, if only we could convince Apple to make one of their next phones in Slime Green, I'd be joyful!